8th Grade

Sister Maria Nnedimma Umeokwoibe, IHM

May the PEACE of the Risen Lord Remain Always with Us!


Schedule for the Week of April 24, 17 (6th – 8th)

Grading and Weighing for Sister Maria Nnedimma (6th-8th) 

Educational Links for 6th through 8th Grade Students


Sacred Vessels and Vestments (8th Grade)

Sacred Vessels and Vestments (click)

Symbols of the Gospel Writers (8th Grade)

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops USCCB (click)



Direct and Inverse Variation (7th and 8th Grades)

More Direct and Inverse Variation (7th and 8th Grade)

Equations and Tables (6th Grade)

Solve Quadratic Equations Using Square Root (8th Grade)

Geometry Ratio Problem (7th Grade)

Problem Solving Continued (7th Grade)

Solutions of Linear Equations (7th grade)

Linear Functions (7th Grade)

Slope of a Line (7th Grade)

Solve Equations Using Table and Graph (7th Grade)

Solve Equations with Variables on Both Sides (7th Grade)

Solve Multi-step Equations (7th Grade)

Solve Multi-Step Equations (7th Grade)

Surface Area and Volume of Similar Solids

Volume of Composite Solids

Volume of Pyramids (7th Grade)

Volume of Cylinders (7th Grade)


Volume of Prisms (7th Grade)

Approximating Square Roots (7th Grade; 11/22/2016)

Finding Square Roots (7th Grade; 11/21/2016)

Intro to Conic Sections (8th Grade / Algebra 1)


Video LessonKhanacademy Lessons (6th -8th)

The Common Core State Standards View

Big Ideas Math (7th & 8th)

Think Central (6th)

Math Is Fun (6th – 8th)

Math Goodies (6th – 8th)

Math Basic Skills Practice View

Xtra Math (6th – 8th)

Top 10 Strategies to Improve Your Math Grades: Read 


Electric Slide

Somos et Cuerpo de Cristo

“Ave Maria” by Schubert

“Send Us Your Spirit”

Veni Sancte Spiritus (Pentecost Sequence) (3rd – 8th Grade)

“Panis Angelicus”

“Panis Angelicus” Duet

“Alma Redemptoris” (Advent through Christmas)

“Salve Regina Madre di Misericordia”



“God Mounts His Throne”


“Ave Maria Gratia Plena”

“Shout to the Lord”




“Mysterium Fidei”


“Agnus Dei”

“Pater Noster”

“For Thine Is The Kingdom”


“I Have a Dream” (8th Grade)

Shepherd Me (voice)

Shepherd Me (Instrumental)

The Spirit Is A -Movin’

He Arose

Celtic Alleluia

Alle Alle Alleluia

Ave Maria (Instrumental)

May Crowning: Bring Flowers of the Rarest

Gaudeamus Hodie (6th-8th Gr.)

Hava Nagila (All)

Holy Is His Name (6th / 7th)

Canticle of the Sun (6th)

\”Ave Maria\” (6th – 8th)

Ave Maria (Angel Gabriel)

Benedicta Tu (Elizabeth)

The Lord bless You and Keep You (All Parts Instrumental)

Every Move I Make


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