The Big Ticket Spring Raffle

Hello everyone. In case your friends and family were wondering about what the raffle items consist of, I have attached the raffle list. I think the list is pretty awesome this year. A huge thanks to the people making it all happen – Sheila Beltz and Jeff Phillips for soliciting and collecting the items; Mary Lynn Carns and Kathleen Kelly for helping to put the tickets together; Mary Lynn, Kathleen and Angie Wildermuth for working the Bingo/Fish Fry’s on Friday nights, and Craig Williams’ folks for their tireless efforts and incredible creativity¬†in¬†putting together¬†the tickets, flyers, and posters! Well done everyone! Now, all we have to do is get our little selling machines to work their majic in selling the tickets and we will have a successful fundraiser! If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, make sure you get one – you don’t want to miss this opportunity! Click here to see items >¬†Raffle

Raffle – Drawing March 26th at Spaghetti Dinner

Wow – lots of great prizes for the raffle again this year! I don’t know about you guys but the talk at my house last night was about who gets the Ipod if my kids were the top seller. lol¬† The kids¬†seemed a little unsure of their victory when I asked them how many tickets they had sold so far!¬† But now they are working up a plan to hit the neighborhood this weekend.¬† They were relieved when their mom had already sold some tickets ūüôā

Sell, sell, sell! Let’s make this a very successful raffle.

Healthy Snacks in the 2nd Grade

In the 2nd grade we have a healthy snack almost everyday.  We take turns bringing a healthy snack to class.  Some of the snacks we have had are celery sticks, popcorn, bananas & peanut butter, and apples.  In addition to learning what a healthy snack is, we also learn the serving sizes by measuring them.  We also learn how much is good for your body.  Thank you Mrs. Wynn for teaching us life lessons.  By Paige.


Way to go volleyball team last night for winning.the c and b team. A team lost but not the first game. Mara scored a bunch for the a team when they were losing. they all did great. We will get the saint andrew next time.=]