WANTED!!! Box Tops For Education

Do you shop online? When you shop online, check out the Box Top’s website before you make your purchase.

The website is:  http://www.boxtops4education.com

Go to the MarketPlace, select your store and shop as you normally would.  A percentage of you purchase collects eBox Tops.  And better yet, use Scrip (a.k.a. Gift Cards) purchased through St. Bruno School to pay for your purchase(s).  Here are just a few of their many participating stores:

Oriental Trader, J.C. Penney, Justice, Land’s End, Apple, Aeropostale, Barnes & Noble, Gap, Kohls, Macy’s, Nike, Old Navy, Overstock.com, RawlingsGear.com, Sam’s Club, Shutterfly, Southwest Vacations, Target, UGG, UnderArmor, and much, much, more.

The best part – you do not have to do anything extra except click through their website!  (You do have to register but we also get extra points when new members register.) I have used this many times and never get any junk emails or solicitations.

Also, don’t forget to turn in you paper Box Tops, Campbell labels, ink cartridges, and Coke Points.


Today we are having pigs in a blanket. They are so good. I wish we would have tater toots. I like chocolate milk. I like the peaches at our school they are very good for you. They don’t look good the second time though. Thanks Thomas!!! That is what Blaise and I have to say about our schools lunch.

Leveraged Learning Through Technology: Let’s discuss it.

Friends of St. Bruno School

You’re invited to an important discussion about leveraged learning and technology in our School.

As part of the work being done on behalf of our School by the Strategic Planning Committee, considerable attention has been focused on technology as a ‘learning lever’ for our students. A sub-committee has been appointed to further discuss, study, and make recommendations on this important area of need. Many of you completed a short survey earlier this month concerning your feelings about, and engagement with technology. In order to move forward with our strategy, we must take stock of where we are. To that end, we very much appreciate your feedback.

We would like to enlarge the discussion through an informal presentation and idea exchange scheduled for Monday, April 4 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM in the St. Bruno Cafeteria.

Anyone is welcome to attend, as we share some of our preliminary thoughts and encourage a robust ‘no-holds-barred’ exchange of ideas. The students of today are facing increasing pressure to be ‘tech-ready’ as they enter high school and advance into the world beyond. But more than a mere grasp on the tools themselves, technology is increasingly being integrated into all areas of curriculum, and it is important that we acknowledge the need to prepare our school and our students for this reality.

Please join us, and feel free to bring your children. On-site child-care will be provided from 6:30 to 8:30.

Regional Volleyball Game

Friday night was very exciting and exhausting for the girls. They played from 6pm – almost 9pm. Both games were very close as the girls had to play a 3rd match. We came out on top in the first game against DeSoto. The second game was a little tougher for the girls as they didn’t get a break. That game had to have a 3rd. match as well. It was very close for most of the night. You made all the fans proud of you. Way to hang tight!