Thank You for Your Comments!

Thank you for the great attendance at last night meeting!  I would also like to thank everyone for the comments and suggestions in how we can make St. Bruno School the best!

If you are like me, you think of many ideas after the fact.  Please do let them go, contact a member of the Strategic Planning Committee (email me and I will get you in touch with the right person – or talk to Mrs. Kabat directly.  We truly do value your input.

For those that could not attend, your registration packet will be coming home with your child(ren).  Please keep in mind while you are reading it that the cost to educate one child is $5400.  Your parish picks up a great deal of the difference and the fundraising is the other essential part.

We are pleased to announce we will be hiring a math specialist for the junior high.  With the high school increasing their requirements and our enrollment continually increasing there is a need to add a math specialist.  Mrs. Small joined our staff last year as a Language Arts Specialist and what a difference she has made!

Lastly, we will be using a tuition service called Smart Tuition to collect our tuition payments.  The great advantage to using Smart Tuition is the variety of payment options (check, credit card, phone, Internet, etc.).  We will also have 5 different due dates to choose from (you have to pick just one of the five).  You can check your account anytime online and they have 24 hour phone in customer service.  You will still receive statements and email reminders of when your payment is due.  If you would like to pay all your tuition upfront, you will save the $45 enrollment fee.

A tech update was given.  We are working very hard at putting together a proposal to take to the school board for approval so we can get the ball rolling.  There are several very dedicated people working on this project daily.  Yes, many emails going back and forth with regular meetings.  We are very excited for the possibilities ahead for our children.

Parent’s Meeting – Thursday, April 28 – 6pm


We will be meeting tomorrow evening at 6pm in the school’s cafeteria.  During this meeting you will learn about many new and exciting changes that will be taking place next school year. At this time you will also receive your registration packets.  Next year’s tuition will also be discussed.  Come here all the exciting news first hand!

Fun Field Trip

By: Sarah B.

Thursday the 4th & 5th grade went to Lerna on a field trip where we went back in time to the 1840s on Thomas Lincoln’s farm, Abraham Lincoln’s Dad.  We dressed up like they did in the 1840s.  When we got there we were divided into two groups; boys (fellers) in one group and girls (gals) in the other.  The boys got to do things that they would have to do in the 1840s and the girls got to do what the women did in the 1840s.  For instance, they boys got to do 2 men sawing and mended a fence and the girls got to make Johnny Cake (corn bread) and sew a piece of fabric.  It was really fun.  Then we got to watch a short film about another farm just like it down the road. (Click on the photo for a full view.)

April 19th Track Meet Results

On Monday, April 19th, the Tamaroa-St. Bruno track team participated in a 9 team meet in Pinckneyville hosted by Pinckneyville 204.  The girls team finished 5th place overall and the boys team finished 7th place overall.  Everyone did great!  We were very proud of all the athletes for their performance at the meet.  Congratulations!!

The following athletes placed in the top 6 in their event (distances/times will be updated when official results are received from 204):

Girls Results:

Kaylee Rulevish 1st place Shot put

Dalis Hubler 3rd place Shot put

Dalis Hubler 2nd place Discus

Kaylee Rulevish 6th place Discus

Jordyn Bullar 5th place Long Jump

6th grade 400 M relay (Doerflein, Epplin, D. Haun, E. Banach) 2nd place

800 M relay (Andrade, Chapman, Banach, Bullar) 3rd place

1600 M relay (Banach, Hubler, Andrade, Bullar) 5th place

Boys results:

Adam Banach 4th place Shot put

6th grade 400 M relay (K. Luke, Shirk, Brueggemann, Rulevish) 2nd place

Jordan Grissom 4th place Hurdles

800 M relay (N. Bruns, Banach, N. Luke, Iubelt) 5th place

Tyler Rulevish 4th place 7th gr 100 M dash

Tyler Rulevish 5th place 200 M dash

1600 M relay (Banach, Iubelt, Bruns, Grissom) 5th place