6th Graders Travel to Korea

Spicy! Eat with rice!

The Linda Sue Park novel  A Single Shard is transporting our class to Korea through the eyes of Tree-ear, an orphan, and Min, a master potter.  Tree-ear begins to work for Min to pay off his debt for breaking one of Min’s pieces of pottery.  Today Mr.Smith brought in Kimchee and taught us to eat with chopsticks.  It’s  mild, spicy, and vinegary. It is best described as fermented spicy cabbage. Kimchee and rice are staples in the Korean diet.

Mrs. Small and the 6th Grade Class

Taryn’s Update

Hey guys! I’m having a great time in Denver. It’s amazing seeing the Rocky Mountains when you’re driving on the highway. Our flight was smooth. When we landed, it was snowing and really cold. We are staying in a rental house, which happens to be within walking distance of the Invesco Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos. Tonight we went to see some dog agility (which was really funny) in the National Western Stock Show stadium.
Good luck on your next meet, Scholar Bowl!
I will see everyone next Friday! Have fun, 6th grade!