8/20 Newsletter and Information

It has been a GREAT first week of school, the energy is back  in the building, the school has come alive again, which helps Etta and I come alive as well. I am looking forward to an outstanding school year with all these smiling faces, thank you for sending them to us. We promise to “Teach and to Love” everyone of them.
-We are having our Annual Craft and Vendor Fair on November 7th this year and we still have some booth space available. If you know of  anyone that sells items that would be used for decorating, eating, Christmas presents, etc. they would make great vendors for this event.  Booths are only $30
-Your sign up information for our new Student Management System, ASCEND was in your yellow envelope on Thursday. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you put in your email and link your student accounts. This system will email you any concerns with your children that we have throughout the day. You will also be able to tell if assignments are being turned in and why they may not have been. Our teachers are also using this system for their weekly newsletters and for posting homework/test for the week. It is a great system, but will not work without your information. Attached is a sample email of what you will be getting daily about your child’s grades. Please do this ASAP so our teachers can begin to communicate.
-Lunch bills can be paid in lump sum again this year. Any left over amount from last year has been added to your account for this year. We prefer you pay a minimum of a week at at time.  If you would like to apply for free and reduced Lunch it is completely confidential, please print this form out or request one from the office.
-If you are not receiving text messages and or calls from School Messenger, please contact the school regarding the phone numbers you need added to the system.
Hope your kiddos had a great first week of school,
Keith Senior, Principal


Saint Bruno – Did you know?

St. Bruno founded the order of the Carthusian Monks. He is often pictured with seven stars above his head. These stars relate to the stars on the emblem of the Carthusian Order and represent the seven monks who founded the order in 1084. The cross represents Jesus Christ and the Latin motto “stat crux dum volvitur orbis” basically translates to “The Cross remains firm as the earth turns”. What a wonderful truth! God remains constant no matter what the world tells us and at St. Bruno Catholic School we feel blessed and honored to guide your child in growing in their faith and understanding of God’s word.

carthusian-motto st brunoSaint-Bruno