Kathleen Kelley’s Biography

Kathleen Kelley teaches kindergarten.  She was born and raised in Du Quoin, IL.  She grew up in the Catholic faith while attending grade school at Sacred Heart Catholic School.  She graduated from Du Quoin High School, and earned her associate’s degree at John A. Logan College.  She continued her studies at SIUC where she received her bachelor’s degree in special education with an elementary certification.  Ms. Kelley also holds endorsements in middle school language arts, general science, and social science. 

   Kathleen currently resides in Pinckneyville, and is a member of the Saint Bruno Catholic Parish.  Her daughter, Kylie, also attends Saint Bruno School.  Kathleen is very excited to begin her teaching career at Saint Bruno where she is able to practice her Catholic faith and set high learning standards through her teaching practices.


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