Leslie Small’s Biography

Mrs. Small is a “whole-language” teacher for grades 6, 7 and 8.  Lessons and class assignments in Mrs. Small’s room are built around the essential question “How do people communicate effectively?”  While students receive separate grades in English, reading, word study,  and writing, class activities require that all of these skills are demonstrated simultaneously and across all subject areas.  Mrs. Small is a  member of the Illinois Reading Council, school technology committee, Catch committee, and is the school yearbook sponsor.

Mrs. Small graduated magna cum laude from McKendree College with a bachelor’s degree in K-9 education with endorsements in language arts, science, social science, and middle school.  She later earned a suma cum laude master’s degree in education from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.  Mrs. Small lives in Nashville with her husband Rodney, son Ethan, and daugher Lexie.


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