Our School
President -Keith Shasteen
Billie Phillips
Jeff Suchomski
Ryan Winter
Shawn Beckeymeyer
John Smith
Helen Mayer

  1. Mrs. Brittany Goldman                  357-8276
  2. Fr. Augustine Ibezimako          357-5510
  3. Fr. Bernard Goedde                  327-3556
  4. Fr. Oliver Nwachukwu, Ph.D. 787-2781
  5. Fr. Joseph Oganda                       542-3423
  6. Fr. Lawrence Mariasoosai        443-2811


StudentsOn this site you will be able to find our Preschool Handbook along with the Student/Parent Handbook. Here's a quick link to those. Preschool - Student/Parent.

Contact Us

DiplomaFind all St. Bruno School contact information, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses on the contact section. Here's a quick link to that page. Contact Info.


BoardHere you will find the school calendar and also see what's on the lunch menu. For the complete list, view the calendar page. Here's a quick link to that page. Calendar.
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