School Mission

Our SchoolThe St. Bruno Board of Education is intrinsically by nature of The Code of Canon Law, an advisory board to the Pastor. The primary role of the Board shall be to formulate policies for Catholic education in the parish in adherence to Diocesan School policies. Since Catholic education is the legitimate exercise of the Church’s right to teach, the Board shall be subject to the authority of the Church represented within the Diocese by the Ordinary and within the parish by the Pastor. The Board shall work in concert with the canonically mandated Financial and Parish Councils.

The Board of Education Duties and Functions:

  1. Meet regularly each month except July.
  2. Implement policies of the Bishop and Diocesan Board of Education.
  3. Act as a liaison body with local and state school officials.
  4. Create better understanding and support of Catholic Education.
  5. Coordinate parochial educational activities.
  6. Establish committees on a standing or ad hoc basis according to need.

Anyone who wishes to address the Board of Education must be placed on the Board agenda. Notice must be given two weeks in advance to be able to address the Board.


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