Our School Since its inception over one hundred years ago, St. Bruno School, a ministry of St. Bruno Parish, has been devoted to the development and passing on of the Catholic faith and religious values, while pursuing achievement of academic excellence. It serves St. Bruno Parish, any neighboring parish, and families desiring a Christian education. The school community of St. Bruno is permeated with a close spirit of family. Aiming to develop the whole child, St. Bruno School builds on the firm family foundation through religious teaching, networking with the community and incorporating both family and parish involvement. In order to broaden the students’ awareness of and participation in the global family, efforts are made to relate the students’ everyday experiences to living the Gospel’s call to justice and mercy. As students of St. Bruno School grow in physical, psychological, and spiritual maturity, they will be better prepared to be productive citizens of the wider world in their future as committed Catholic adults.

(Revised 10-20-2002)


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