School Philosophy

Our SchoolSt. Bruno Catholic School, as an elementary educational facility within the Belleville Diocesan Systems of Schools, aspires to the optimum spiritual, social, emotional, psychological and academic growth of its students with emphasis on the achievement of educational potential.

Through a balanced curriculum of religion, language arts, natural and social sciences, mathematics, art, music, health and physical education, St. Bruno School seeks to attain the following goals:

Moral and Spiritual Development – To teach a program of Catholic doctrine, the tradition of the Church, scripture, liturgy, Christian morality and to provide the students with experience in Christian living in order to help them develop reverence for God and respect for God’s creation and a recognition of the basic goodness of themselves and others.

Social Responsibility – To instill discipline which is positive and self-directed, evolving from an initial self-respect and an awareness of the rights and the needs of others and emphasizing the concept of charity as well as social justice.

Emotional Growth – To stimulate emotional growth and stability by creating an atmosphere of freedom of expression with students accepting ultimate responsibility for their actions. Our acknowledgment that God is our creator makes us aware of the dignity of every human being. We strive to instill self-esteem within each child and to show by example that each child is loved and is a loving person with dignity and worth.

Academic Excellence – To achieve the academic potential of each student by encouraging intellectual development through logical and investigative thinking. To increase the enthusiasm for learning and the development of each student’s individual gifts and talents.

Physical Fitness – To encourage physical fitness through programs emphasizing healthful living, exercise for physical development and an opportunity to participate in interscholastic activities.

Extracurricular Activities – To enrich the core curriculum with opportunities to participate in activities which develop leadership skills and the ability to work with people of different backgrounds, ages, and abilities.

As it prepares students and faculty by maintaining standards of excellence and as it develops to keep abreast of current educational needs of the society, St. Bruno School will thus be an asset to the Catholic Ideals of Education and the people it seeks to serve.


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