Child Protection

Initial Child Protection Training Dates

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Safe Environment Compliance

The Diocese is committed to preventing child abuse before it occurs and to identifying child abuse once it has occurred. By raising the awareness and understanding of abuse issues among priests, deacons, religious men and women, employees, contract workers, volunteers and other adults who work with or have substantial contact with children under the care of a parish, school or agency and by increasing their knowledge and ability to deal effectively with child abuse issues once they arise, risks to child safety can be greatly reduced. By educating children on how to be safe and stay safe, the Diocese will enhance the ability of children to protect themselves and encourage an environment that allows children to communicate any potential endangerment.

All clergy, employees and adult volunteers must complete the following to be compliant with the Diocese’s Child Protection Policy:

  • Employment or Volunteer Application
  • CANTS form (completed every 2 years via the IL Department of Children & Family Services)
  • Initial Child Protection Policy Training
  • Annual Refresher Course (online)
  • Fingerprinting (all school employees hired on/after July 1, 2007)
  • Criminal Background Checks (employees and volunteers in leadership positions or who have lived outside of IL in the last 5 years; updated every 5 years)
Reporting Abuse

You may make a report of suspected sexual abuse at the Diocese of Belleville’s Sexual Abuse Hotline: 1-800-640-3044. This toll-free telephone number has been established as part of our effort to protect children, young people and other vulnerable people in our schools, parishes and ministries. This line is for reporting suspected sexual misconduct or child abuse within our institutions and ministries only. If you have some other type of complaint, please call the appropriate Diocesan school, parish or office directly. Unless your call involves a report of suspected abuse, it will receive no action by leaving a message on the hotline.

Diocese of Belleville Child Protection Review Board

  • Judge Stephen McGlynn, Chairperson
  • Msgr. John T. Myler, S.T.D., V.F., Vice Chairperson
  • Ms. Monica Hatch
  • Ms. Courtney Kampwerth
  • Mrs. Nancy Mudd
  • Ms. Caprice Smith
  • Msgr. Marvin Volk
  • Mr. Lawrence Koesterer
  • Mr. Jeffery Glass
  • Mr. Terry O’Leary
  • Most Rev. Edward K. Braxton, PhD., S.T.D.,


  • Msgr. John McEvilly, V.G. and Moderator of the Curia, (Ex-Officio)
Diocese of Bellevilel Child Protection Related Individuals/Positions
    • Mr. Donald Sax, Review Board Administrator
    • Hon. Janet Hormberg, Review Board Victim Assistance Coordinator
    • Deacon Douglas Boyer, M.S.C.M, Chancellor of the Diocese
    • Mr. Jonathan Birdsong, Superintendent of Schools/Director of Education
    • Mrs. Lynn Muscarello, Director of Child Protection Services
Mandated Reporting

All faculty/staff are subject to Mandated Reporting in regards to suspected abuse of a child and are required by law to report any suspected abuse. Please review the Child Protection Procedures Manual. Staff, Faculty, coaches, catechists, youth group leaders, volunteers and chaperones are to inform principal when reporting.