Why should I choose St. Bruno School for my child?

When choosing St. Bruno School you are not just choosing a school but joining a family. St. Bruno offers high academic excellence with a number of alumni who have went on to graduate at the top of their class. We offer a nurturing, faith-based environment that concentrates on the individual student.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, St. Bruno does have a dress code. Our dress code is intended to create a positive school climate of respect for self and others. Appropriate boys’ clothing includes: a dress shirt of any kind, athletic shirt, jeans, dress slacks or khakis without holes or frayed edges. Appropriate girls’ clothing includes: a dress, skirt, jeans, or capris may be worn. Blouses or modest tops are acceptable, if they cover beyond the waistline, do not have a low-neck line, spaghetti straps, or are worn off the shoulder. Students are not allowed to wear any shirt that has objectionable/offensive sayings, patches, or pictures. No sheer or see through clothing. No clothing that is too tight or too short may be worn.

If I am interested in volunteering, how can I get involved?

We welcome all volunteers into our school. However, in order to volunteer each person must complete the Child Protection Program. Classes are offered throughout the year at various sites within the diocese. If you plan to volunteer you will need to meet the following guidelines: Initial Child Protection Training, Criminal Background Check, Volunteer Application, and an Annual Online Refresher Course.

What is your technology like?

At St. Bruno we are fortunately to be able to provide quality technology for our students Our school currently purchased new Macbook Airs that are for student use. We also have iPads that are used frequently throughout the classrooms. Each classroom is furnished with Promethean or a Smart Board to enhance lessons. Each teacher and staff member has been trained on the devices to be using them effectively each day.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend St. Bruno School?

St. Bruno welcomes all students regardless of background or faith. Non-Catholic students are required to participate in religion classes, religious celebrations, and mass while attending St. Bruno.

What type of extracurricular activities do you offer?

At St. Bruno we offer several extracurricular activities which include: softball, baseball, boys’ and girls’ basketball, volleyball, cross country, track, archery, scholar bowl, team quest, speech team, and yearbook.

Do you offer a bus service?

Currently, we have two public school busses that pick up our students to get them to their proper busses for Pinckneyville routes. We also offer a DuQuoin bus that offers transportation for students from Scared Heart Church to St. Bruno each day.

Why does St. Bruno do so much fundraising?

Our families are very important to our school and fundraising is one way that our families help to support our school and students. Our fundraising is used to help supplement our school’s budget and keep tuition rates down.

How old does my child have to be to attend St. Bruno?

Students entering St. Bruno must meet the following requirements: Preschool 3 year olds- 3 by September 1, Preschool 4 year olds- 4 by September 1, Kindergarten- 5 by September 1.

In April of 2001 the classrooms were air-conditioned by window units. The building had to be rewired to accommodate the units. The school had a program for grades 1 through 8 until 1994 when a kindergarten was added to the school program. St. Mary Magdalene at Todd’s Mill closed in 1978. Some parents chose to send their children to St. Bruno. In 1998 St. Charles School in DuBois closed and some of those children joined our student body. Sadly, in 2008 Sacred Heart School in DuQuoin closed, but we were blessed to have their children join our school. Today we are also serving several other students from other faith backgrounds.